Kim Crockett, Republican for Autauga County School Board.

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Kim Crockett is a mom, not a politician. As a mom, she’s not running because she needs something to do, she’s running because she wants to protect our children and their futures. Kim knows that too often system leaders are focused on politics rather than on education. That has to stop. Kim has no political ambitions; she simply wants to do the right thing. As a mom and not a politician, Kim won’t approach decisions by considering what is best for her or for politics. In every decision she makes, Kim will consider every child, every family, and every educator in Autauga County, and their needs.

Kim Crockett, once elected, will visit our schools, and it won’t be for the first time. She has walked the halls of Autauga’s schools for years. Kim has volunteered thousands of hours in our public schools because she cares, not because she has something to gain. Kim has spent years investing in our schools, our children, our families, and our educators. Kim’s service on the School Board is a natural, next-level extension of that investment.

Kim Crockett knows that ideas matter, especially when they work. If the past two years have taught us anything, we’ve learned that education doesn’t happen in a vacuum. What transpires outside of the classroom affects what happens in the classroom. Kim brings new ideas, a new perspective, and a new vision, all of which will help our students, teachers, and administrators adapt to new circumstances and achieve their goals no matter what. Our kids face change and new obstacles almost every minute of every day. Kim will make sure our schools are on the cutting edge of planning, innovation, and goal-making so that our kids graduate prepared to become productive members of our community.

Kim Crockett has attended a countless number of Autauga County School Board meetings – perhaps more than some current board members. At those meetings, Kim has been amazed at how much is done and decided away from the public’s purview. Parents, students, teachers, and all system staff deserve to know when, how, and why decisions are made, as those decisions have a direct and great influence on their lives. Of all functions of government, the decisions related to the education of our children should be made in the light of day, not by political bosses in closed-door, hush-hush meetings. Kim will lead the way in demanding transparency and accountability in all decisions made by the School Board.

Kim Crockett knows that if this election were to be decided based on who she knows, she would be fighting an uphill battle. But, thankfully, Kim expects this election to be determined based on who has the best ideas and plans, not based on who has the biggest contact list. Kim isn’t running for School Board to protect her political power or the power or career ambitions of others. Kim will win this race for one reason – because she puts nothing else before doing what is best for our kids and their families, and the welfare of our educators.

Kim Crockett believes strongly kids attend school to be educated academically, not to be indoctrinated or groomed to support one political philosophy over another. It is the role of schools to teach our children and the role of parents to raise and guide the moral development of their own children.  These lines should not be blurred. Kim will oppose any effort to supplant the role of parents in their children’s lives. Kim opposes the teaching of “Critical Race Theory” and will stop any efforts for boys to compete in girls’ sports. Kim also supports measures to ensure that students use the appropriate restrooms designated for their biologically determined gender.