Kim Crockett, Republican for Autauga County School Board.

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Meet Kim

Positive Voice for Change.

Kim CrockettKim Crockett is a wife, mother, and passionate advocate for a high-quality, accessible public education. As a mom who has spent countless hours volunteering in our schools, Kim has seen first-hand what our kids, teachers, and administrators encounter every day. Kim also knows what it is like for parents to have to deal at home with the ramifications of decisions made by school leaders. This background is why Kim is seeking election to the Autauga County School Board, as a Republican for District 2. She believes families and students will best be served by leaders who are walking the same journey and experiencing the same obstacles. Kim is running for no other reason than to be a voice for moms, dads, and students – for families just like hers.

Kim Crockett has devoted her life to serving our community by serving and advocating for our students and educators. She has cleaned classrooms, helped with events, and has led the charge in rounding up supplies needed for our teachers and their students. Kim has listened to teachers and has shared with them their concerns over the challenges they face in helping our students reach their best and highest potential. Kim has literally spent thousands and thousands of hours – yes thousands – doing what she can to improve our students’ educational outcomes and to meet the needs of our teachers and administrators. For Kim, high-quality education isn’t just a “feel-good” thought, it is a commitment she doesn’t just talk about, but one she does something about.

Between dance practice, sports practices, school, and church events, Kim certainly stays busy, but nothing is more important than her making a positive impact on public education. Kim understands that education is a gateway for anyone, no matter their personal background, to achieve their own versions of the American Dream. Kim is a voice of support for teachers. Kim is a voice to ensure our kids get the education they deserve. And, Kim, as a parent, will be a voice for parents and will ensure parents are never left out of their child’s education. She will use her own experiences both working in our schools and as a parent of children in our schools to propose new, positive changes. Kim is dedicated to doing whatever we must – even if that means doing something new – to give our kids the best chance to succeed, and to put our teachers in the best position to do their jobs and to do them well.

Kim and her husband Dr. Jamie Crockett, live in Northeast Prattville with their three kids, Gavin, Zane, and Edy, and their family dog. The family attends Hunter Hills Church.